Sailing the Mediterranean

When I first came across Santorini Sailing on TripAdvisor, I was suspicious, because every single one of the thousands of reviews was raving about how it's a must when you're in Santorini.

They were great about topping up our wine glasses - even before we got out of the harbor... I was starting to think there might be something to these rave reviews.

The weather was beautiful!

After some swimming, it was time for dinner.

The meal was prepared by the chef on board, and included an amazing Greek salad, bread, pasta, fresh vegetables, lamb,  and chicken.

It's always fun going on these group tours, because you end up meeting the most interesting people. We were part of a rambunctious and eclectic group.

Our captain looked like Santa Claus!

Tyler and the resident British geologist got into a lengthy discussion.

One of the most epic sunsets I've ever seen!

What a wonderful trip!

We had a candlelit dinner overlooking the waters we had just sailed.