Santorini: Imerovigli

May 2-3, 2015

Day 1

We took a short flight on a small plane from Athens to Santorini. Imerovigli was a bit cold, windy, and overcast when we arrived. We crossed our fingers that the weather would improve!

Exploring the tiny streets...

...and of course, the food selection.

Greek fro-yo!

Greek fro-yo!

Such Greek flavors

Such Greek flavors

Some blue sky peeking through the clouds

Some blue sky peeking through the clouds

We had dinner at the loveliest restaurant, Avocado.

I got the moussaka, a traditional eggplant- or potato-based dish, often including ground meat.

So. Good. 


Day 2

Opening the doors onto our patio this morning was nothing short of magnificent. Definitely a memory we will keep forever.



We rented an ATV, a popular way to explore the small island of Santorini.

Just sunshine and fresh air for us today!

We went to see the black sands of Perissa Beach.

Afterwards we hung out at an establishment called "Wet Stories"... Weird name, pricey drinks...but good spot on the beach.

Then it was off to Red Beach!

Loved the teal and red-brown colors together.

The makeshift "railing" to help you navigate up and down the rocks. #47 on our list of "Shit That Would Not Fly in America."

So photogenic.

And then there's me.

After a long day of laying on the beach - gelato!

Taking the steps down to our place

Taking the steps down to our place

Before dinner, we shared a bottle of white wine while watching some of the best sunset views in the world.

2015-05-03 19.59.55.jpg
Fancy food - all the fancier on a rock!

Fancy food - all the fancier on a rock!

I found a cat in our kitchen. Tyler scooted him out.



  • Airbnb: Airbnb had lots of great places to choose from. We absolutely loved the view from our place in Imerovigli.


  • Avocado: Great ambience, service, and food!


When to visit

  • We visited in early May. The island was not too crowded with tourists yet, as it was just before busy season, and many of the restaurants had only a few guests at dinnertime. The weather was beautiful, even a bit on the chilly side. If you prefer to have more people around and warmer weather, I'd recommend visiting a bit later in the summer.


  • The Greeks dine late. We were a little worried this would take some adjusting for us, but we ended up going to dinner late - even for the Greeks - at 11 p.m. our second night.

Getting around

  • ATV: This is a great way to get around. Traffic can be a bit scary at times in the city center, but is manageable. There are many places renting out ATVs; check out the prices of a few before deciding on one to get the best deal.