Athens: Take 2, The Acropolis

So the Acropolis was closed the one day we were planning to spend in Athens. We couldn't deal with the thought of coming all the way to Greece and not seeing it, so we caught an early flight out of Santorini to spend our last day in Athens.

The Athens hotel I had booked was geographically very close to the airport... But by car it took AGES to get there. We were starting to worry if the cab driver had misunderstood our destination, when we finally arrived.

We learned it would take hours to get to the city center (and back) from where we were by public transportation. We didn't want to spend half of our last day in Greece sitting on a bus, and wanted to take our time at the Acropolis. Plus we had a very early flight back home tomorrow, so we booked an Airbnb in the city center at the last minute.

After we finally sorted out our Airbnb, cancelled our hotel reservations, and arrived in the city, we took a break with some coffee. We were also pleasantly surprised that alcoholic digestifs are a thing here (or else the waiters could just tell we needed one).

After a scavenger hunt for our key, we dropped off our bags at our Airbnb. We were so exhausted that we didn't quite make it to the bed:


     And of course, one of our final acts of the trip: Gelato.