A nutrition client of mine wants to cut weight for an upcoming powerlifting meet, but was having trouble losing weight despite seeming to do everything perfectly.

After assessing her meals, sleep, training, stress, and blood work, we cut out some foods that can cause inflammation (nuts, avocado), which helped her get leaner.🥑

Buuuut despite looking leaner, her weight didn’t budge.

I started to panic. The meet is a few weeks away. She’s been a client of ours forever and I was terrified she was losing faith in our ability to help her.

So I was thrilled when I checked her weight log today and saw she’s lost 5 pounds in the last 10 days.🎉

What was the issue? The amount of vegetables she was eating. She didn’t realize she was eating a lot more vegetables to offset hunger, consequently causing water retention and stalling weight loss.🥦

Now she's right on track for making her weight class at her meet next month, without having to resort to any crazy weight loss methods in the days leading up to it.👍🏼

This is one of literally hundreds of situations we’ve solved for clients. Doing this over and over and over for all sorts of people (high-level athletes, sedentary people, doctors, new moms) with all sorts of conditions (recovering anorexic, IBS, autoimmune disorders) is why I’m so confident in our program and our ability to help people.🕵🏻‍♀️

Kia Wright