A New Year

I feel like this is our year. Big things are going to happen.

I actually haven't written in a while because January has been so busy:

  • Kicked off a 6-week challenge in Houston
  • Kicked off a 6-week challenge in Dallas
  • Kicked off a 12-week private group challenge in Dallas
  • Spoke at Dialexa
  • Were guests on Dialexa's podcast
  • Spoke at Willis Towers Watson
  • Scheduled a 6-week challenge at Bishop Arts Athletics, to start February 24th

Also currently working on:

  • Making our web app a native app
  • Creating app features on the fly to address 6-week challenge needs
  • Creating features on the admin side of the app to better track and manage client data
  • Posting on social media several times a week (which has been key to building brand awareness)

Hoping to keep up the momentum.

Kia Wright