Muscle-up Workshop or Philosophy Course?

We got a lot more than muscle-up coaching from Carl Paoli’s “Master Muscle-up Workshop” on Sunday. While we did do things like spend 20 minutes alone specifically discussing how to grip a pull-up bar, nearly everything he taught us about how to make our muscle-up better also taught us how to be better humans.

A few takeaways:

Take extreme ownership

Instead of relying on others to solve our problems or get us closer to our goals, let’s take responsibility for our outcomes. If you have a problem, it is up to you to actively seek solutions. A coach can give you the tools, but it’s up to you to use those tools.

Have extreme presence

Be aware of how you’re showing up and make sure it’s aligned with your values. Give time, attention, and intention to the actions that you’re used to doing on autopilot. This is where the magic happens.

Raise your movement standards

Being able to do complete a range of motion doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing a movement well, or in a way that transfers to other movements. Spending time on moving better will have a bigger payoff than just completing it. Once you think you’ve mastered something, go back to the basics and do them even better.

Show support

Support others in a compassionate but constructive way. Don’t give praise just to be encouraging - give feedback that will help the person closer to where they want to be.

Share and connect

Collectively we have a wealth of knowledge. Sharing it with each other makes us all better. Connection is why we’re here.

Tyler and I hope to better weave these messages into our work with our clients. Thank you Carl!