A few recent challenges I've been having:

Task-switching. Having less limitations around when I can make appointments, meetings, and hangouts has been freeing, but I'm realizing that I need to create some boundaries around this. The effort to switch gears between meetings and work takes a toll on productivity.

Nailing down a daily routine. Again, too much freedom, not enough boundaries.

Comparison. I follow a couple of other nutrition companies on Instagram that have a larger following and are more established than we are. For a while, seeing their successes made me feel like we weren't doing enough. I am now beginning to realize what makes us different from them - mainly that we are focused on health first and foremost, not aesthetics; and that gives me a lot of confidence in what we have to offer.

Marketing. We don't do much paid advertising, besides the random Facebook ad experiment, and have instead focused on word-of-mouth. A friend who does social media marketing for a large corporation volunteered to help us out, and I'm eager to see how she can help us grow.

Focus. We have a million ideas of things we want to do with the company. I'm learning how to prioritize projects, and returning to something I was good about doing the first couple weeks of full-time entrepreneurship: Setting weekly goals.

Kia Wright