This weekend we drove to Houston to kickoff our six-week challenge at Vintage CrossFit.

Two of our clients - a husband and wife - did an amazing job during their six-week private coaching program recently and got the attention of the members at their gym. The owner agreed to have us down for a group challenge. 40 signups!

We were supposed to give our seminar a few weeks ago, but that was the same weekend that Hurricane Harvey hit. So we went down this weekend.

Unfortunately I didn't communicate the postponed seminar date to my mom, who we were planning on staying with while we were down there. We arrived at my parents' house, opened the back door, and were confused to find a small dog greet us (my parents don't own a dog).

I called my mom, and she sounded very surprised that we were in Houston. I asked where she was - California! A family friend was staying at our house since theirs got flooded in the hurricane.

Fortunately, they weren't there when we accidentally walked in. Could have been awkward. We sat in the car in the driveway, booked a hotel, and pushed through another hour to downtown Houston.

The seminar went pretty well, though I decided that I should probably leave the speaking to Tyler as I am not nearly as good or experienced or enthusiastic about doing it.

There were a couple moments where things could have gone more smoothly as far as logistics, but we know what we need to improve upon for next time.

After grabbing lunch at the Whole Foods hot bar, we trekked back to Dallas. Whirlwind of a trip.

Kia Wright