Hump Day

Nutrition seminar for the employees of PrintPack this morning. Off to Grand Prairie! Tyler CRUSHED the presentation. He was great at relating to the audience. I noted questions the employees asked and took photos this time, but am planning on getting involved in our seminar in Houston at the end of the month.

Being able to have a nap in the middle of the day is a luxury I hope to never take for granted.

Got a text from one of my clients that she's going to her tailor tomorrow to get all her suits taken in two inches! Such exciting news, especially since she was already lean when she started our program five weeks ago.

Had an almost-phone consult for private coaching in the afternoon. If we're having trouble even getting on the phone to do the free phone consult, it doesn't bode well. -_-

Worked on getting more granular with fat and carb options in the app, as well as rethinking the layout of the meal plan (while jamming out to T-Swift). It makes me a bit giddy to have a whole bunch of hours to devote to this.

Contacted the organizers of an upcoming CrossFit competition to see how Adaptive Nutrition can get involved - booth, prizes, etc. After seeing on social media that I was pursuing my business full-time, a friend sent me a link to North Dallas' Startup Weekend: "54 hours of fitness, tech, and entrepreneurship." (This is why I (now) believe in sharing on social media - making connections and discoveries you wouldn't have otherwise!) I contacted the organizers of the event to see how we can get involved. Need biz cards pronto.

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