One week ago I made the decision to leave my job to pursue working on my side hustle full-time.

I'm not sure how people run a profitable side hustle alongside their full-time work. Maybe it's easier to do depending on the business. Maybe I'm the type of person who prefers to focus on one thing at a time.

My managers were bummed that I was leaving, but extremely supportive and gracious. They said there would always be an open door for me there (comforting!).

My mentors said I was ballsy (with a positive connotation) for doing it, which surprised me. I feel like it's a natural next step. I wonder how many people sit on their dreams.

I've been grateful for and bolstered by the excitement family, friends, and coworkers have shown.

When I was little, I somehow had an idea that 28 was a magical age where I would be at a good spot in life and have some shit figured out.

I'm hopeful that maybe things are starting to take shape...!

Kia WrightComment