A blog post from August 30, 2016:

For the past few months, I've been following a diet from an exercise nutrition company. The diet is laid out in auto-generated templates based on your height and weight, and provides meal guidelines according to the intensity and time of day of your workout.

I've seen awesome results. Others at the gym using them have seen great results as well. As effective as they are, I keep bumping up against issues of hunger, and it's mildly frustrating on a daily basis using the clunky interface. In addition, as a nutrition coach himself, Tyler's been observing ways in which he thinks the macronutrient ratios might be improved.

So, I have all sorts of ideas about the user interface, and Tyler sees ways the prescriptions could be even more effective, while seeing massive success with his nutrition clients using said prescriptions.


Enter the reason I love knowing how to program: Having the means to build ideas like this feels so cool. Well, it's actually pretty nerdy...but it's cool!

The past couple of weeks, Tyler and I have been discussing features, user interface design, macronutrient formulas, meal timing, etc. (The photo above is our first SCRUM meeting!) I've been so eager to work on this mornings, nights, and weekends. We are hoping to create a web app that makes the hard and not-so-fun task of dieting just a little easier and more effective.

Stay tuned for updates!

Kia Wright