1st Prep

New Season

I’ve heard a lot of talk of “seasons” in life lately. Or maybe I’m just noticing because I feel like I’m going through a season right now.

After CrossFitting for seven and a half years, I decided to take a break. It was prompted by a shoulder injury, but persisted because mentally stepping away was refreshing, even necessary.

I didn’t realize I’d been waiting for permission to take a break until Tyler gave it to me by suggesting (after re-tweaking my shoulder injury during a lower body workout…) that I take some time off.

The moment I decided to, I felt a huge wave of relief. It felt right. Which was interesting to recognize, because it was also a scary decision in many ways:

  1. The gym is my social outlet (especially important since I work from home)

  2. CrossFit is a part of my identity

  3. A part of me is worried about “losing” all my hard work - lifting, gymnastics, aerobic capacity (was top 100 in Texas in the last CrossFit Open)

  4. FOMO since Tyler and so many close friends are at the gym!

The books I happened to be reading at the time (Becoming Supernatural, The Seat of the Soul) allowed me to recognize the timing of all of this as serendipitous. Being able to reframe things in an “everything happens for a reason” (and truly believe it) made everything not only easier but more meaningful; as I learned from those books, holding that belief is the key to accessing our intuition.

So many things happened that confirmed that this was the right move:

  • Took a yoga class for the first time in years and

Kia Wright